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About Us

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Our Story

We started as a very small operation from my home kitchen, in 2018 we moved into our first commercial site and began supplying retailers with our products.  Since then we have moved twice due to outgrowing our facilities over the years and are currently working our of a custom 16000sq ft facility in the titanic quarter area of belfast.

When Covid hit we lost a great deal of our key city centre retailers and forced us to expand outwards of the city and gave us a new customer base which otherwise we may not have tapped into.

At this time we also launched our online store allowing customers from across NI to order our products directly to their door.

In Febuary of this year we began supplying our products into the henderson group which accelerated our growth and allowed us to offer our products in Spar and Eurospar stores all over Northern Ireland

We have had a very rapid period of expansion in the last 3 years and are curently supplying circa 500 retailers across northern ireland.

Our ethos is to provide our customers with an affordable product whislt only using the best quality of ingredients.

Delivering Freshness Every Day at a Time

We Take Sustainability Seriously

Supporting Locally Sourced Companies

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